COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Rockstar Cheer Cleveland COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Last Update: July 7, 2020

Rockstar Cheer Cleveland has taken many steps within our program to make sure everything is as safe as possible for our athletes, staff, and families.  Our staff is committed to excellence in adherence to these policies.  We are request that athletes and their families assist us by following the guidelines below.

  • All athletes, staff and family members should take their temperature prior to arriving at the facility.  If their temperature is over 100 degrees or they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms/not feeling well within 48 hours prior to their scheduled lesson or class time, please have them stay home to rest and recover.  
  • Staff will record attendance and responses to health screening questions to assist with contact tracing if it becomes necessary.
  • Class sizes will be reduced and overall number of people in the facility will be limited to meet occupancy code restrictions as advised by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • All athletes, staff and family members are asked to sanitize or wash their hands upon entering and exiting the facility.Staff members will sanitize athletes’ hands via spray bottle or contactless dispensers during training sessions when necessary.
  • Staff will complete comprehensive checklists before, between, and after training sessions to keep our equipment and facility sanitized and clean.
  • Athletes and family members are asked to respect the standard social distancing guidelines of 6 feet at all times. Floor markings are present to assist with this in the gym. 
  • Staff will adhere to the standard social distancing guidelines of 6 feet as much as possible. Hands-on spotting of skills and close contact assistance of athletes through drills by staff members will only be performed when absolutely required for safety/confidence and will not be used to instruct new skills.  Until further notice, hands-on spotting and close contact assistance techniques will be used minimally during private lessons, classes, and team practices. 
  • Stunting and partner/group choreography and activities where close contact is required will be minimized to less than 30 minutes per practice.  Athletes will be placed in groups of 5-7 and will remain with those groups throughout the practice to reduce the number of athletes in close contact.  Efforts will be made to keep these small groups consistent from one practice to the next.  During practice times where stunting does not occur athletes will maintain the social distance standards of 6 feet.
  • All athletes should carry their cheer shoes into the gym and bring water in their own water bottle - the water fountain is closed for drinking but athletes may use it to fill thier water bottle.  The concession stand will have water and gatorade.  Please only bring your cheer shoes, water bottle, and cell phone - no backpacks, snacks, or other items so we can keep the things going in and out of our gym to a minimum.  Athletes who are in the gym longer than 3 hour training periods may bring snacks, if longer than 4.5 hours may bring meals.
  • We are requesting in accordance with the recent Cuyahoga County mandate that while our county remains at Level 3, anyone entering the gym who are 10 and over wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility as well as when in the lobby.  Masks will be removed for those participating in training as the risks of decreased oxygen levels, moisture collecting in the mask, mask shifting over eyes and face during movement, difficulty breathing in heat and humidity, and increased touching of face to adjust the mask outweigh any benefits they can provide to our athletes and staff that social distancing does not cover.  If you would like your athlete to wear a mask during training please let us know and we will accommodate accordingly.
  • We request that only parents and legal guardians enter our facility until further notice. We ask that parents only come in to visit the front desk to avoid congestion in the lobby and allow our athletes to have the social distance they need to stay safe outside of these posted times.  We may ask that parents wait outside if our lobby capacity exceeds the amount we can manage with the social distancing standard of 6 feet.
  • Please drop off athletes in the front of the building and pick them up in the back of the building to help us with our traffic patterns in the gym and avoid congestion.

Rockstar Cheer Cleveland is dedicated to meeting or exceeding the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health and will continue to monitor the standards to make changes as necessary to remain in compliance. Below are the links to the relevant items issued by the state with regards to our program if you would like more information on the topic.

Ohio Dept of Health COVID-19 Website     All Sports      General Non-Contact Sports

Contact Sport Practices and Non Contact Sport Competitions

     Gyms, Dance Instruction Studios, and Other Personal Fitness Venues

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our COVID-19 policies and procedures please reach out, we will be happy to help and clarify for your peace of mind.  Please send emails to

We value your trust in our staff, athletes, and families and sincerely appreciate your adherence to these guidelines during this unprecedented time. Our number one goal has remained firm to put the safety of our athletes at the forefront of our program. Thank you as always for ROCKIN’ with the BEST!

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