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Summer Session: Monday June 5 - Thursday August 24

At Rockstar, each skill is built upon another - it is extremely important for the safety of our athletes that we follow progressions in our tumbling classes.  We have a dedicated tumbling instruction area in our gym that is stocked with mats, trampolines, inclines, barrels, and other equipment to work on your drills and skills to get you to the next level of tumbling in a fun and safe environment!   

Gym is Closed May 25-June 4, June 30-July 6

Beginner Tumbling

 Prerequisites: None

Athletes in this class will focus on the basic building blocks of tumbling - handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, backbend kickovers, and front limbers.        

Ages 5-11                  Wednesday                      5:30-6:25 PM               Coach Molly Madill & Hannah Smich               
Ages 5-11                  Thursday                          6:45-7:40 PM               Coach Chelsie Gould

Intermediate Tumbling

Prerequisites: Backbend Kickover, Front Limber and Round-off or Coaches Recommendation

Athletes in this class will focus on drills and conditioning needed for standing and running front and back

Ages 5 - 11                  Monday                           4:30-5:25 PM                Coach Hannah Smich
Ages 5 - 11                  Monday                           5:30-6:25 PM                Coach Hannah Smich
Ages 5 - 11                  Wednesday                     6:30-7:25 PM                Coach Molly Madill
Ages 5 - 11                  Thursday                         6:45-7:40 PM                Coach Sidney Long
Ages 12 - 18                Monday                           4:30-5:25 PM                Coach Dana Pappalardo
Ages 12 - 18                Monday                           5:30-6:25 PM                Coach Meghan Cain
Ages 12 - 18                Wednesday                     6:30-7:25 PM                Coach Hannah Smich
Ages 12 - 18                Thursday                         6:45-7:40 PM                Coach Maria Metz

Advanced Tumbling

Prerequisites: Standing Multiple Back Handspring Rebound, Toe Touch Back Handspring, Round Off Multiple Back Handspring Rebound or Coaches Recommendation

Athletes in this class will focus on running and standing back tucks as well as front tuck tumbling passes.

Ages 8 - 18                   Monday                        7:50-9:00 PM                 Coach Meghan Cain & Hannah Smich
Ages 8 - 18                   Wednesday                  6:30-7:40 PM                 Coach Maria Metz
Ages 8 - 18                   Thursday                      7:50-9:00 PM                 Coach Maria Metz & Meghan Cain

Elite Tumbling

Prerequisites: Round Off Back Handspring Tuck, Punch Front & Standing Multiple Back Handspring to Tuck

Athletes in this class will focus on connecting several skills with flight into one pass as well as layouts, punch front stepouts, and twisting skills.

Ages 8 - 18                   Wednesday                 7:50-9:00 PM                  Coach Maria Metz & Dana Pappalardo
Ages 8 - 18                   Thursday                     4:30-5:40 PM                  Coach Maria Metz